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A small job finished within few hours and for only $29!


We are experienced with backend (PHP, Wordpress, Codeigniter, CakePHP, ZF 2, Laravel, Java (Spring), Python, MySQL and Linux/LAMP) and frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS) technologies.

Bugfix (frontend & backend)

Either if your website throws an error or if some buttons/links aren't working well or if data is missing or anything similar, contact us and we will fix this in a record time.

PHP error

Appearance and Text Updates

Each website requires occassional changes of texts, colors, font size, images, element positions, etc. It's required to keep a website up to date in order to keep visitors happy and to convert them into actual buyers.

Add/remove pages or modules

Adding new or removing and modifying existing pages, adding contact forms, adding maps, contact informations, social media icons, adding product to existing system, etc.

How it works

1. Send a job description

You send us a job details and we proceed if it's a small 30-60mins job.

2. Pay and start

You pay a desired package and we start our work ASAP, usually at same day. You communicate with us along the way.

3. Review and close

You review and request fix until job is done. Then we close and we can go to a next job if you submited any.


Mark Baseley

(Hound Analytics, Australia)

"Fantastic guy to work with. Very thorough and transparent in determining and communicating requirements and suggesting better ways of doing things."

Bjorn Zimmer

(Your Fans, Germany)

"Finally! Quick and reliable support for my enterprise web application. I can finally focus on my core business tasks!"

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What are small jobs?

These are jobs that should not take more than 30-60 minutes for our developers to resolve. That is jobs such as text updates, fixing simple errors, error diagnostics, moving elements, changing color of the element(s), image optimization or resizing, website audit, etc.

When will you resolve my issue?

Our core benefit is quick issue resolving so we are trying to resolve all issues in few hours, within same day.

Do you work on weekends?

No, we also need to recharge our batteries.

Can I order bigger jobs or projects?

Such jobs are not included in the plans but you can contact us to get a custom proposal.

What if my issue is not resolved but I paid you?

We will give a full refund or do an another job for free.


Boris Trivic

(Project manager)